Tops Academy: Training

Developing operational skills

TOPS Academy offers training:

  • Tailor-made, personalised and adapted to the realities of your company and the profile of future trainees. All our courses are preceded by a stage of listening and immersion in your context in order to be in tune with your reality.
  • Operational: practical exercises based on real-life situations, role-playing, remembering and implementation tools, etc. Our training courses focus on anchoring in the trainees’ real-life situations and their immediate application in their daily lives.
  • Our training courses are designed and led by senior experts who have had operational experience in functions related to the subject of the training, most of whom teach in prestigious Colleges.

TOPS Academy’s 9 fields of intervention:

  • Marketing of the offer
  • Commercial efficiency
  • Customer relationship
  • Innovation
  • Digital
  • Management
  • HR & personal development
  • Management – Finance
  • Industrial engineeringg

The benefits for your company?

  • A great freedom in program editing
  • A program and pedagogy that are totally adapted to your context and employees’ profiles
  • Anchoring in the real-life situations thanks to feedback and concrete examples from the training staff
  • The possibility of a very operational follow-up in implementation

Managing recognized methods internationally

  • DISC ®
  • ACTING ®

Original educational tools

  • Serious Games
  • Comedians, theatre
  • Speakers
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